Within the Folds of One’s Flesh – Prosthetic Material Realities

Framing the body and architecture as subject and object, the research inquires into the immediacy of the conjunction between them, searching for answers through exploring the interplay therein. There exists in matter spatial/relational predispositions that are accessed by the subjects through their interaction. Conjoining the materiality of an object with the subject‘s agency reveals the inclinations within the material. In this way then, ‘space‘ does not exist simply as a neutrality awaiting the inhabitation of the person. The particularity of construction of the constructed world matters (literally makes material) the personal world of the individual. The project explores an encounter between the body, architecture and the conditions of experience of the occupying body. How do instances of experience become diffracted and reflected through and between architecture and the body? Furthermore, how do they redescribe/reinscribe the conventions of the object-subject relations of our built-and-inhabited environment? The research aims to establish embodiment as a design practice in terms of the interactions and experiences of bodies through their environment that consequently becomes the body’s prosthetic extension. How can an individual-body-subject’s experience of its body-object in relation to space become a generative design tool for its prosthetic architecture?

Research Body I: Este

ESTE‘s body consists of multiple individual panels. The panels are extrusions from her original physical shell; molds that become embedded into the original structure.

Research Body II: Anton

Physical models were used to test postures and fittings as final parts were designed digitally. A dialogue between physical models and their digital representations that informed the design through its making.

ESTE‘s Prosthetics

Anton’s Workshop

ESTE inside the Fitting Room

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