Lost Between Worlds 

This project originates from a desire to create a similar feeling of being caught between the fictions and realities of the fantasy worlds in movies and paintings. How can this be experienced in architecture? How does architecture locate and dislocate one? How can one exist in a space, and be brought to another, at the same time? 

In theme parks and other attractions, the symbolic is used to signify an entry into another realm. One is aware of the movement between worlds. But is there a way to achieve realm jumping beyond using iconographic visuals? Can this be achieved in a subtle manner, through which uncertainty can be exploited to hold the visitor in between multiple worlds rather than simply passing through? 

To explore this, the project focuses on three aspects (time, program, and structure) that allow one to construct a reality of time and space. How are these aspects assembled for the visitor to make the leap in projecting a reality? Once they have been determined, how can they be tweaked so multiple realities can be projected at the same time? 

Collage – a single representation for multiple viewpoints 

View appears to be taken from an elevated plane, which is true for the bottom half of the image. The slightly higher horizon reveals the upper half of the image is taken from ground level. 

Axonometric of the construct 

Section of the construct 

Revealing worlds beneath the landscape 

Perspective view from within 

Exploring logics of structure and program – reconfiguring abandoned structures/programs to accommodate new programs.

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