Once Upon A Tide

The research project explores an architecture of choreography; using physical and digital garments as drawing instruments to transpose my body’s tacit knowledge of Portland Bill’s coastal landscape into built spaces across a magnitude of scales.  

Functioning as a cafe with a bookstore , the building proposal was initially inspired by the LiDAR scan and long exposure photography of my performance on site. To transgress the physical limitation, motion capture is used to record and translate the choreography digitally at different architectural scales, establishing the building’s external and internal spatial logics. 

Ultimately, the proposal investigates the rhythmic relationship between the body and the space as the ambiguous subject and object, rendering the two as separate but integral entities that moves with but exists independently of one another- reversing the Modernist approach by enacting the outcome before the architectural moves and framing architecture as something more symbiotic than we ever imagined.  

Choreographic Survey

A 1:1000 notation drawing of the body’s tacit knowledge on site.

In Relation To The Landscape

The building’s relationship with the landscape is developed from the digitally captured choreography at 20:1 scale.

Intimate Spaces

Choreography recorded at 1:1 scale, with different speed and proprioception corresponding to different spatial functions.

1:200 Plan & Section [X-Ray]

1:1 choreography through the building that animates the spatial properties, circulations and structural logics.

Interior View 01

Exterior View

To respond to the challenging site conditions as well as the structural logic from the 20:1 choreography, the overall structural system of the building adapts from aircraft technology, in which the stressed skin shares the load.

An Ecology of Choreography

A 1:200 plan/section/elevation tumbling drawing of which the plane follows the direction of the choreographed movements through the building  

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