Stow(ed) Away

Stow(ed) Away explores an alternative way of perceiving architecture through the use of a flat bed scanner. Geological instruments are utilised to construct realms of interpretive possibilities; birthing an individualised generative design process that allows the scanner, and strata, to assume many characters throughout the project, characters that constantly evolve to question how an architecture may respond to temporal manifestations embedded within the scanning process; or how diaphanous atmospheric conditions created by geological strata may be actualised. The chalky cliffs of Brighton, a landscape deeply embedded in a vast array of social, cultural, biological and political movements became a test bed to explore contextualised notions of The Stowaway: a realm of non-conforming, ostracised entities that are often misunderstood, unwelcome and cast away. Forgotten remnants of Brighton’s chalk and flint cliffs dance with the advancing scanner line, introducing design logics that sequentially inform the development of the programme. The resulting architecture operates within the depths of ambiguity and uncanniness to speculate potentially habitable realms. These suggestive realms blur boundaries between subjective and perceivable realities, creating dark spaces for the Stowaway to occupy.   

Interpretative Landscape Study

A site elevation, developed through a process of flat-bed scanning. The study is reminiscent of atmospheric conditions presented by site.  

Fa Habitation Systems  

Originating as a series of latex scans, this exploratory study investigates the architectural interventions populated within the excavated coastline.

Excavated Masterplan

Remnants of chalk strata dust are utilised within the scanning process to create a speculative master plan.

Speculative Sectional Exploration  

Sectional scanning constructions that question areas of occupation within the proposed stowed away dwelling.  

Continued Speculative Sectional Exploration  

A continued variation of experiential sectional constructions that continue to explore areas of stowed away occupation. 

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