A Guildhall for Stone Masons 

The project proposes a stone masons residency, situated within a disused quarry on the Isle of Portland. The architecture is composed through a series of interspersed follies which inhabit the landscape. They are architecture of place; their structural bodies morphed from the material of the quarry. Small rocks, remnants themselves of quarry waste, are utilised to create the architecture, which in turn delineates a series of territories for architecture to perform. The landscape of the quarry exists in a constant state of flux; it’s stoney boundary threatened by the passages and movements of time. The proposals evolve, gradually buried under the masses of new existence – they become geological fragments.  

The research within the portfolio employs the practise of scanning as a generative design methodology. The resultant architecture is culminated through a series of interdisciplinary methods that synthesise discussions of ownership, territory, presence and time. This temporal approach to design – one that is deeply entrenched in the  quarry’s landscape – promotes the speculation of site specific, fully contextualised interventions.  

Portland Slacking Folly 

The quarries topography is morphed and mediated by the architecture to create spaces for a slacking facility. The movement, extraction and burning of stone are key elements to this atmospheric drawing.  

An Activated Lonely Workshop 

The shifting nature of the quarry mediates accessibility into the workshop. Aggregate gradually consumes the architecture. Territory is concurrently created and destroyed as the workshop is obscured by the landscape.  

Deactivated Lonely Workshop  

The removal and displacement of aggregate reveals a monolithic stoney structure which attempts to embed itself into the landscape.  

An Excavated Endeavour

Resident stone masons practise their sculpting capabilities on the bare quarry walls. This prototype seeks to implement space that can be used for performance. 

An Archival Landscape

The archive exhibits scaled replicas of interventions on the site. The exhibition monumentalises the past endeavours of the stone masons, allowing new knowledge of the stone crafting to develop. 

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