Le corps a l’envers l’architecture en verlan

In my practice, I was interested in transforming my body in an unconscious way, I am always fascinated by the idea of being able to blur the edge of my skin, body and the environment to re-identify the inhabitable space.


The extended fingers drawing performance explores the fragile boundary of my physical body and emotional desire. My action becomes gradual and cautious. Each movement I make, requires more control and attention. However, the hunger from inside my body has already started to take over all my conscious control.
In order to negotiate and inhabit a space, I need to assimilate it to my body. A suit is an everyday element of my needs, it allows me to have a defined minimum personal space, it also allows me to isolate myself from the everyday world. However, whether one calls an insulating skin a suit or an architecture depends on the distance of the skin in question from the body.


I began to design my first suit – Narcissus – by using my body as a tailor’s dummy, each connotation of drapery, patterns and folds feed my body to stimulate the unconscious desire way beyond my physical body control.
The suit discusses the potential of fertility and nurture between body and suit, it is not only a suit that could allow me to hide and inhabit my flesh but also discover an alternative body for myself. Sometimes it’s extended, other time it’s disturbed. It provides the capability to allow me to create a dialogue in a social context – a spectacle of seduction between inside-out architecture and inside out body. In the inside-world the naughty flesh and the unconscious desire haunts me throughout the internal of the suit, it provokes an uncanny outside world.  This uncanny world, is not just mediated by the suit, but the suit becomes the uncanny world, it creates such an ambiguity and uncertainty through its haunting that its spatial implication goes far beyond the skin of the suit.
The suit also explores hybridity to transform, cross and produce a landscape, horizon and architecture or some other uncanny world. It might cross functions, spaces, materials and things that might not belong together, to produce unique and particular things that is sometimes some other emerging species.


Simultaneously, when my arm goes out of the internal, there is a whole ecology of other species that are welcomed into the suit. It has the quality that wants to be wondering and allows things to cross-breed or speciate ways that just don’t have developmental trajectory but have quite wild and way off line. It started with controlled and domestic thing, but sooner now, it begins to take properties which suggest almost uncontrolled of it, it seems like it has self-learning quality and contemporary disposition, so we can spy worlds together that we do not know. I wish it has another plasticity where is not just adjusting things we know, so it could generate metaphorical possibility about what might be discovered.


I choose Paris for my site. The site is located on the 2nd arrondissement by an entrance of the arcade. The arcade along my site allows me to stretch out to an interesting part of Paris, but hardly touch the outside world. It offers a remarkably prescient evocation of arcades as a world where the everyday is saturated with marvellous. On the existing building, there is a couture wedding dress shop on the ground floor, however the windows on the facade above are all blocked, which is tremendously deviant in its context. This creates such an unpredictability and uncertainty that is hidden by the blanked facade.


Le Palais Royal is steps away, in the past, enclave where courtier could apparel their stuff without fear of intimidation from the smelly and rude outside world.

The project is discussed to create a modern day refuge for people who wear clothing that might get ridiculed on the street, it creates a safe haven to display themselves with likeminded people.


When I was in Paris on 12th Jan, on Saturday morning, a huge explosion from the French bakery cross the street startled me from my sleeping, the window frame of my hotel room immediately fell off from the shattering blast.


I am designing the body as well as the suit on site, the body is the 1:24 site model, by treating the site as another tailor’s dummy, and I aim to apply the similar constructing logic and methodology when I was making the suit to negotiate and transform the site into a more provocative, seductive as well as romantic place. Also the site model is to simulate a certain situation to allow me to attempt to understand why drapery does certain things in visual culture as well as how – what drapery is and what it is doing there.


Also perhaps the language of my architecture might be able to behave or perform in a city when there is explosion happen, I wish it could have the intelligence in it and would be learning from that. So my architecture would be able to adjust, navigate and mutate or metamorphose.









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