In Search of the Ordinary and Forgotten- The Lost Flora of the Isle of Portland 

The aim for this project is to explore the complex questions around the subject: nature, fusing such subjects as architecture, biology, geology, ecology and botanical potentials. There has always been an active relationship between nature and architecture, but this interaction takes a prominent position at the present moment of environment crisis as a subsequent scar that the quarrying industry has left behind in the Isle of Portland. This exploration of nature, pursues a trans-discursive approach. In so doing the aim is to extend the very discourse of architectural knowledge based on the mode of my own understanding of nature. This has been formed from various readings on nature, the source of my study manifest, which sometimes reveal the entanglements in natural phenomena as their materiality, forces and modes of generation overlap and affect each other’s.  

From the early drawings I attempt to search for and ask what the right questions are. In that spirit I make a parenthesis, stepping aside for a moment to take inventory and expand my knowledge and disciplinary boundaries, understanding nature as a living organism in its forces and complex material interactions, before and after human interventions, a perspective that is not about the taming of nature but about getting to know its untameable dimensions. 

Overlapping Ecology

The drawings explore the salient features that mixes ecological, geological and biological negotiation.

Architectural Formation 

The drawing is questioning the proposed spatial architectural formation on the quarry edge. 

Bone Graft Detail 

The drawing is showing a new surface layer of the architectural proposal, formed by eventual resurfacing of starch and sap creating different densities as it grows. 

Plan Drawing 

Plan Sketch / 1:100 

Pigeon Nest 

Nest Section / 1:50  

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