The Third Space/Field of Pleasures

crumpled glossy dark polyethylene texture

The Third Space/Field of Pleasures project investigates the use of defamiliarisation as a tool for recalibration within the city of London. By deploying the technique of pictorial montage within my design work, the project proposes an alternative ‘tourist’ route for London’s South East.

The project begins with experiments that deployed defamiliarisation as a tool to recalibrate oneself with certain processes, objects and spaces. 

By deploying pictorial montage as a vessel in which the Butcher’s spaces were created, imagery of atmospheres, tools, spaces and equipment are collated to create a third, undepictable image that describes the non-explicit ideas that surround the research. At each of the five chosen sites, programmes and actions are shared, exchanged and copied to create a ‘field’ in which that aims to recalibrate oneself against the area by disrupting the inner knowledge of what is being carried out around them.

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