Conjured Spaces in the Mind Merging realities possible only in a mental world

An investigation of merged realities resulting in the proposal of a theatre that invites motion and the use of parallax which was informed by a proof of concept model and research done in relation to my Thesis on spectacle from the Baroque to Film. The theatre is placed in the City of London which was historically rich in theatres, but is now completely devoid of them, to instigate renewed taste in theatre to the cold routine of the city. With a parasitic approach with minimal demolition, the design takes advantage of important landmarks around the City; St Paul’s Cathedral, Tate Modern and St Martin’s Church.

Once encountering the uncanny rock elements forming the program of the theatre, spatial expectations are renewed, taking advantage of the idea of timelessness of the grotto and what it represents in relation to the history of architecture and Mankind. The grottoes in this project invites the curious citizen to investigate its internal world, revealing progressively the programs; a progression perceptible in the intensifying of the faceting of the rock elements which the users experience when they come across them and touch them on their path to the main performance stage.

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