Ubereigen and The Present Memory

Ubereigen and The Present Memory is situated in Bergson’s conception of the memory cone: a bank of past experience from which one draws when encountering a new thing, so that it is laced with the presence of others like it, and yet distinguished by its uniqueness. Using film, collage, and models, I explored what this kind of memory overlay could imply in an architectural setting, and studied the meaning of the individual, which brings forward scant memories, and the generic, which overwhelms the mind with similar recollections.

The project takes the form of a market and events space in the heart of Soho. It is comprised of moving architectural set pieces which continually reform the site and recontextualise each other, such that each successive visit is a familiar, yet spatially new experience. Landmarks once thought to lie at the entrance now occupy a place deep in the centre, streets and alleys appear and disappear and the faces of remembered buildings confuse as they subtly shift into new arrangements. In a state of bewilderment, the visitor is invited to explore the market over and over, encountering new shops, events, arcades and squares at reach return.

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