Translimi B5

My current work explores architecture and the human body as a merged functional entity. This understands the body as flesh dependent on the conveniences of constructed environments, drawings on architecture-as-prothesis to ensure its survival. A prothesis is worn to facilitate a greater or more convenient level of performance or inhabitation. Similar to architecture, it reconfigures the conventions of behaviour & occupation. I find this metaphor especially helpful, because it emphasises architecture’s authority over the body and vice versa, and its capability of stimulating certain movements, postures, and gestures, rendering them socially acceptable or even necessary in a public context.

I raised the question of how architecture can reinvent systems of behaviour, occupation, and movement, increasing one’s awareness and critical capacity to establish their very own form of inhabitation.

I propose a realm of spatiality that “de-codes” binary relationships between flesh and construction. Intermediacies and ambiguities in design legitimatize a more open dialogue between body and space. The architecture itself becomes a licence to discover non-traditional forms of inhabitation.

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