Brills Lane Hotel – Brighton Seafront 

The concept of the project was inspired by visiting the site in the evening, where reflections of light were observed on the neighbouring street walls. These reflections were symptomatic of events happening in unknown origins around the city. The spatial experience of Brills Lane was dependent upon an event elsewhere – highlighting a previously unseen ecology; where spatial experiences and events are fundamentally interconnected with one another. Typically in a Hotel, the guest’s spatial experience is dependent upon its staff, however this dependency is normally unseen. The research explores an architecture of negotiated awareness; heightening one’s sensitivity to another’s presence in space. Taking form as a Hotel on Brighton’s seafront, the project investigates the front-stage/back-stage relationship between guests and staff, creating a curious spatial mediation between them. Through the manipulation of layers, draperies and multiple transparencies; presences from unknown origins are revealed and concealed;  causing you to question your exaggerated impact on another’s phenomenal experience. 

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