What a building would be like if it has no purpose? With the observation of purposeless spaces in the city, the project develops the concept of purposelessness. It tries to explore the intriguing world which seems opposite to normal architectural conception. A platform is designed at the bank of the canal in Vienna. It is necessary to consider various types of space needed by people at the platform who want to have a good excuse to stay without any purpose.  In order to have a comprehensive understanding of people’s requirements, the design process begins with the study of human behaviours. With the help of hand drawings, the relationship between surroundings and purposeless behaviour become clear. Design iterations are worked out through stop motion film and model making. They discuss the various possibilities that a building might offer for visitors.


YAL-Purposelessness-MotionLocusofPurposelessBehaviourMotion Locus of Purposeless Behaviour: Two Men Sitting in a Caffe Shop


YAL-Purposelessness-MotionLocusofPurposelessBehaviour02Motion Locus of Purposeless Behaviour: A Man standing in a Train



Scenario Developing: Urban Furnitures on the Site



Scenario Developing: Building Fragments


3Horizontal Element Model 01


4Horizontal Element Model 02


YAL-Purposelessness-model02Spatial Organising: Flowing Walls


YAL-Purposelessness-model04Model Perspective


YAL-Purposelessness-GroundfloorplanGround Floor Plan