Garden Jacket

The project began in a fascination with the body and its scalar relationship to the urban world. How might we meet the city halfway? Touch is employed in this endeavour as it asks for a level of reciprocity. I want to be simultaneous with my environment. If the worlds created on my body could record the places in which it had been, like Borges notion of the map vs territory, it would be both the immediate condition and its expansion at once.

Creating an ecology in my clothing, can I invoke the imaginative agency of nature?

A jacket is constructed to anticipate a journey and to confiscate objects. Confiscated itself by places and landscapes, it is a memory theatre. What is the nature of our relationship with inanimate inhuman objects? Textiles is here explored as figure and metaphor.

Turning the approach of tailoring to making a building. Draping techniques (taking material bigger than body and shrinking it) translates to cold forming steel. The body also now does not exist, so the material’s behaviour becomes very present. The form of the skin of the building is found in collaboration with the fabric and the construction techniques.

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