A Bed & Breakfast and Culinary Institute

My practice explores the body as a site of transformation and re-invention, which questions the conventions of relationship between body and architecture. If the body is changed, how does architecture change? The co-joined bodies from the Fitness Chair investigates how might multiple bodies come together and what are the terms of their engagement both with the architecture and with each other? What are the scenarios for imagining new types of bodies, and how might these bodies examine ‘fitness’ in both anthropometrics and programmatic logic in certain socio-cultural conditions? How to construct the sensitivity and specificity of fit that doesn’t/ ‘almost’ fit. Through the construction of the Bed & Breakfast and Culinary Institute situated at the Isle of Portland, the project is an attempt towards a reciprocal architecture that engages with our desires tightly. Relevant discussions were conceived from an amalgamation of various methods. Hybridizing sculpture, furniture, performance, physical experiment and digital simulation, the project imagines an architecture filled with untamed thoughts, the fetish, desire, drive and ambivalence pushing these questions into new material territories.  

Fitness Chair

A body transformed into a chair. 

Wooden Chair 

Body and furniture are fused into one homogeneous form. 

Body and Architecture

Prototyping a reciprocal architecture.  

Skin #7 

Testing a synthetic architectural flesh. 

Guest Room 4 

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