Time Vessels

My expedition begins with a quote from Primeval and Other Times by Olga Tokarczuk.

“Primeval is a place at the center of the universe.
To walk through it from north to south would take an hour.
And the same from east to west.
If one were to walk right around Primeval, at a slow pace, paying close attention to everything it would take a whole day.
From morning to sunrise.”

This interest in time, and particularly these other times not of the clock are what I am looking for on my expedition. The prevailing question is what is an other time?

How do you capture or sample this other time? Can you measure it?

The project navigates these questions with families of Time Vessels, precious and fragile ceramic cameras.

Slowly these Vessels discover a capacity beyond themselves, not only to capture time but to draw out their own.

With Time Vessels I propose an architecture of the expedition, of paying close attention, and of duration.

The project sited in Chiswick Eyot is part of a route along the Thames, seeing the other in the familiar.

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