The project starts with a concern that our consciousness sometimes stops us from exploring the world. Especially when we are in a familiar space, our behaviours are largely based on our previous understanding of the room while our immediate perception does not contribute much to our spatial experiences. Through defamiliarising space, our relationship with the surroundings can be more active and positive.

The project is organised through three experimental studies. The first test is to explore the feeling of unfamiliar and figure out a specific way of defamiliarising spaces. It leads to a conclusion that through disturbing spaces in a subtle degree, the quality of the spaces can be altered at certain moments. Therefore, the sound is selected to be the main element for the second study since its invisibility and subtlety. Through visualising sound, the studies help to observe the performance of sound as a material for spatial construction. The final part aims to design a violin workshop which consists of all intriguing acoustic sources happened inside and outside the building. The introducing of the shell structure acts as the sound mirrors to reorganise the acoustic and compose an architectural orchestra.


1 shadow notation of a violin concerto
Shadow notation of a violin concerto


2 Instrument of the tunning room
Instrument of the tuning room


3 sound visualisation of the instrument
Sound visualisation of the instrument


4 1to24 phsical model
1:24 physical model


5 reception waiting room and tunning room
Reception waiting room and tuning room


6 test on fabric enclosure
Test on fabric enclosure


7 unfolded section
Unfolded section

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