My project began as a study of fish anatomy. The fish I bought from the supermarket was no longer my food when I became ill. I started to cut it up and cut it open, trying to explore the “world inside the fish body”. When my nose was blocked I had no disgust at the fishy smell and blood that I would normally have.

In this case, both my and this fish’s state has changed, and also the relationship between me and the fish has changed. Through this experiment, my initial understand of things was subverted. If the fish has the capacity to change or shift its own state, could other things change their states and could architecture also have the capacity to change its meaning and state?

Human beings engage in simple endeavours such as opening a door or closing a window, climbing a stair or crossing a bridge, changing a level along a footpath. Regrettably, these countless undertakings have become so dull and uneventful that we barely notice them anymore.

In our everyday world, we tend to have a expectation of what a certain thing might be, a chair is a always a chair to sit on. One of the most crucial if overlooked aspects of architecture is the capacity of buildings to either support or diminish the spontaneous powers of human beings to act in space. These ‘acts’ take place whenever we have a chance to decide how we are going to occupy, move through or directly affect the places we are in. Everyone’s behaviour is predictable in these places. Are we – human beings – controlled by our contexts or are we still human?

The chair I designed that has risk and necessity of an undetermined potential. Through different experience with my chair, my project is an Experimental Holiday House. Everyone in their lifetime could apply for one single access to experience the house and the spaces inside which are ambiguous. Through their experiences inside, the users’ behaviour becomes unpredictable. The house could stimulate human spontaneous powers and actions, build immediate awareness of knowing we are intensely alive, sensing each time we are able to do something that makes a difference. Finally, when people are used to these spaces, their holiday is over.


Chair 1


Chair 1 Tests


Chair 1


Chair 2


Chair 2


Chair 2


IMG_5151 copy
Spontaneous House, 1:24 Model









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