Of Nips & Of Nits

I met an archivist at a party. We talked at length about ‘nips’: artefacts Not-in-Place, both part of a collection and yet outside of an identifiable order. The work teases the idea of the “not-in” through an exploration of fossilisation. Anthropocentric fossilisations will be fascinating: shoals of pint-glasses partially digested in the trunk of a Volkswagen Beetle. The mythical strange-gods with disc brakes and upholstery which might once have roamed the Earth. The work seeks to question assumed logics of geological time, inventing an architecture which transgresses body and geology. The program of the bath-house situates the naked and vulnerable human body within the sublime landscape of Portland, towards an architecture which embodies the delight and trepidation of breaking open a rock to reveal something exquisite and weird. The research is enacted through earth-drawing, using red earth to construct a drawing ground with a material connection to geological time. The tools which are used to negotiate the drawing ground are both practical and poeAc inventions which patinate with earth to make relations between the architecture, my own physical body and the temporality of drawing.

The Steam Room, with demons-familiars

Interior view of the steam room, with excavational drawing instruments: poetic inventions of a fictional world of weird geologies. Organs partially deflated, with patches, pimples and nipples.

The Gill

Detail photograph showing the Gill: an excavated mythical invertebrate which fits to the finger and mediates transfer of oil from hand to paper.


Exploration of the relationship between the container and what is contained through a moulding maquette for glover’s leather which negotiates bodies, seams and undercuts.

The Organs

Each vessel of the bath-house is serviced by a system of organs specific to its program. As well as their practical purpose, these organs also serve the poetic purpose of investing the fiction of the estranged geological body into the architecture.


Collation of earth-drawings and invented drawing instruments.

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