Somewhere I Have Never Travelled

This project begins with the recording of the hypnagogic through a practice of creating clay models named ‘Menhir’ in the night. Upon awaking, the models can be read as though unfamiliar artefacts which therefore creates a process of reading and recording the hypnagogic state with haptics. The wandering of the unconscious world is akin to the reading a book or a landscape in which one finds themselves drifting in and out of moments of deep focus and then those lost in thought somewhere entirely different to the page or landscape in front of you. The reading of the menhirs created in a moment caught between these two states allows us to examine the relationship between the internal and external worlds as they are constantly shaping each other. Strangers may appear in our dreams in spaces with their own logic such as the opening the door of your childhood home and entering the field you walked through that day. A hotel consisting of the haptic dream logic of the menhirs can allow guests to wander the landscape before they’ve even entered it. The line between wakefulness and sleep is heightened and brought into existence as a place of its own – somewhere I have never travelled.

Hotel Reception

Reception desk in which the drawing itself is the entrance to the hotel.  By reading the drawing, you have already entered the building as an impression of it exists in your unconscious landscapes

Haptic Section

Detailed drawing of how haptics change the ways guests interact with the spaces.

Drawing Using Hypnagogic Models

Using models created whilst in the hypnagogic state as drawing tools by reading them with one hand and recording the movements with the other hand.

Ground Floor Plan

Hotel ground floor plan shaded to reflect the movement in and out of focus whilst drawing it.

Designing by Drawing Upwards

Considering where dreams reside (above us), by drawing spaces overhead we can create a design logic which is informed by dreaming.

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