Thurston’s Match Hall Soho

Thurston’s Match Hall is a project that looks at the resistances associated with a program. How a repetitive muscle memory action, that is so familiar, can still be performed incorrectly. What is this resistance and can it be manipulated to influence the success of the people involved.
The proposed project is a snooker match hall, working on the history of a previous Snooker hall in Soho that was demolished after the war. The projects aims to develop on three main elements of the distraction that causes a failed action. Firstly physical resistances, these are the contact points between you and the ground, the creek of the floor boards. Subconscious resistance is a part of distraction, although you are consciously drawn into an activity your subconscious remains sorting through memories of previous actions, offering the potential to distract. Finally your conscious, during an activity your main focus is achieving constant flow of movements. How can the study of these potential areas of distraction develop a design strategy for the building.
The building aims to question the known and learnt aspects of architecture; how one traverses the spaces to understand and feel comfortable within the space. The building will continue to remain in the learnt realm allowing for continues learning of spaces and what this means for the social aspects of the space.


Ground Floor


Room study



Site image


Site image


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