This project is an attempt towards an architecture that teases the unconscious. The built environment, although implicated in the unconscious realm, often avoids a discussion; the design methodology is usually contained within the boundaries of a conscious rationale to assemble the world.

Pondering on dreams, a subject matter which offers the experience of alternative logics of assembly – while retaining engagement with the real – this project proposes a hotel whose composition tickles the real for its dreamers. The project exploits the program of the hotel as it provides a veil of semi-known sequences of space to disrupt. The aim is for space to operate as an activator of the dream and allow something of that experience to be layered into the real.


IMG_5022 copy
Skeleton Print for a Stop-Motion Character


1:33 Model


1:33 Model


portfolio 3pages (dragged)-1s
1:33 Model


1:33 Model


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