The work initials a wide range of spatial experimentation with projected light in an attempt to generate new architectural proposals. Light, shadow and surfaces in space, work in unison to cause momentary spatial-temporal collisions, manifesting as simulated spatial realms of projected information. Employing the reconstruction of existing and future realms allowing multiple realities to exist simultaneously creating an architecture which exists between the perceived reality and the virtual states of existence.

The project explores the experimental nature of projection and the role it plays in the simulation of new worlds and spatial environments. An orchestration of Light, Shadow and surfaces in space begin to allow things to exist on multiple scales and in parallel dimensions in a single instance of time.

Buildings are like cameras, we are the film housed within their internal mechanism, and our lives are the photographs of experiences they project.


IMAG0967~2Model Projection


DSC_0149v2Model Projection


DSC_0259v2Model Projection


DSC_0262v2Model Projection


IMAG1010~2Model Projection


IMAG0948~2Model Shadows


IMAG0951~2Model Shadows


IMAG0986~2Focusing lens mount


Negative-slides-final-1Plan 1:100


Negative-slides-final-2Town Plan 1:500


Section-100-v5Street Elevation


Plan-100-v8Ground Floor Plan