The aims of the project are simple; to actively engage the inhabitants mental capabilities whilst experiencing architecture. Too often the everyday experience of architecture is purely functional and passive. The Interchange Interchange aims draw out a new found curiosity of the built environment instilling a desire to question why instead of just asking how. Like a successful film its message carries on after the experience, seeping into your daily life, so to will this building’s. Its narrative is set around people experiencing themselves experience. Exploration of the building will unfold into a game where people try and gain more insight into themselves, into architecture, and architectures relationship with the city. The hope is that through rehearsing these experiences within the safety of a contained structure it will trigger the participant into a mode of agency in their continued movements around the city, eyes open, perceptual reach engaged.





fold 1fold and cutfold drawing imageIMG_4431IMG_4449Unroll Mk 2 & SCANperspective 1perspective 2