Of the Body, Of the Earth: Portland Crematorium

Portland Crematorium will provide a space for mourners to celebrate the life of their deceased loved ones, where memorialisation and remembrance will be charged by the rituals that take place. The themes of transformation and containment are particularly present here, where the relationships between the body and ceramics will facilitate the containment of the physical and metaphysical body and soul, allowing for the immortalisation of embodied memory. The question: ‘Are they fired in the same oven?’ begins to speak of the nuances within the programme, where the bodies and ceramic vessel fragments are fired in the same oven. Specifically constructed armatures will allow for the display of these fragments as tiles, where they will become part of the interior facade. As more bodies are cremated, the facade will grow and evolve, constructing new layers of memory.

Portland Crematorium sensitively celebrates the transition from life to death. It will provide the opportunity for meaning, sacrality and presence.

Bodily vessel fragment – developing glaze with bone ash and Kimmeridge clay

1:1 Bodily vessel fragment and armature, of the body and of the earth

Interior render of Columbarium displaying the vessel fragments of the deceased who have been cremated in Portland Crematorium

Columbarium Short Section 1:50. Hand drawn, smoked and burned

Crematorium Long Section 1:100.  Hand drawn, smoked and burned

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