Like architecture, narrative exists in space and time, and contributes to how we see the world. Simultaneous Narratives investigates the relationship between reality and fiction and the implications of this for architecture, explored through the design of a tailor’s shop in Vienna. The production of bespoke outfits for public events creates a rich cross-section of the city’s future that can be read in the shop. A series of ‘set’ models were constructed to play out these narratives, using a set of gloves that are both characters and drawing tools, occupants and architecture. Techniques of creating durational images have been utilised in search of a more fruitful mode of operation than the conventional design process.Simultaneous Narratives suggests that the imaginary must be taken seriously as a test bed for reality in order to cultivate a space where both occupants and architects can remain active.




Photocopier as Unreliable Narrator Film



01 Kirsty Photocopier as Unreliable Narrator ResultsPhotocopier as Unreliable Narrator Results


03 Kirsty The site of Best Fit (with thanks to Henry Poole, London and Tom Murphy, Cork)The site of Best Fit (with thanks to Henry Poole, London and Tom Murphy, Cork)


04 Kirsty Waltzing Room ChorerographyWaltzing Room Choreography



05 Kirsty Waltzing Room PerformanceWaltzing Room Performance


06 Kirsty Changing RoomChanging Room


07 Kirsty Ceremonial Fitting RoomCeremonial Fitting Room


08 Kirsty Bon Bon Ball Fitting RoomBon Bon Ball Fitting Room


09 Kirsty Hofburg Stairs Fitting RoomHofburg Stairs Fitting Room


10 Kirsty Architectural CharactersKirsty Architectural Characters


11 1-50 Ceremonial Fittings Plan 838x619

Ceremonial Fittings Plan


1-50 Back of House Sectional ElevationBack of House Sectional Elevation