My project aims to explore my feeling of living in two worlds: the familiar (Hong Kong), and the unfamiliar (London). My initial investigations with miniatures and souvenirs were an attempt to make the foreign feel more familiar, and to understand the desires that stem from nostalgic feelings. For my building, The Nostalgic Hotel, I originally planned to produce a 1:12 diorama of a portion of the design, supplemented by 1:1 test samples. The intent was to capture atmospheric moments and show how it really feels to be in the world of my nostalgic desires. However, as a result of remote working, these planned physical models were replaced by drawings, and the intent shifted towards showing an intimate relationship of my world within the Nostalgic Hotel, as a different way to express my nostalgia, desires, and the feeling of living in between two worlds. I coloured the drawings by sampling photos of home, as if moments within the hotel remind of other places. In my final drawing, the composition of these sampled images brings out a third world – a journey through a desired place(s), that can only be formed in a foreign place.

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