Site[s] of Flux

Site[s] of Flux is a location-based project that investigates the nature of place and begins to question how a traditional architectural project should be carried out in terms of the relationships between studio and site. Situated on a disused sand quarry in Plumpton, the existing constraints of the site demand for a constant movement of material in order to retain ownership. The architectural components deployed here aim to harmonise the industrial nature of the site and its illicit use by local residents. Born from physical and digital kitbashing, simulations and photogrammetry studies, the architectural language treads the boundary between engineering and architecture. Unable to visit the chosen site due to lockdowns and limitations, the project aims to utilise the bedroom as a proxy for the site. A duality emerges between the intended flux of material and the conceptual flux between the simulated world and the bedroom.
As the architecture reveals itself, a dialogue between bedroom and building begins to take place. What happens to architecture that exists within such confines? How can architectural projects be conceived through such limitations and what effect do these creations have upon one another?

Present Drawing/Drawing Presence

Bespoke drawing device used to document existing tectonics of the site
through the process of restrictive drawing.


Photogrammetry study highlighting the first simulation of the sand quarry
within the confines of the bedroom.


1:100 scene deployment through the use of a sandbox. Used in the
process of architectural creation and scenography.

Architectural Anticipation

Aerial view of scene deployment highlighting a potential architectural
premonition or ghost object.

Contextual Choreography

A 1:50 scene showing a newly formed pool overlooked by a lifeguard
tower and vehicular pod carriage.

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