A School For Trespassing

My practice explores the viscosity of space and fluid bodies through cutting space in metal and textiles. I use two approaches to forming sheet material – cutting and folding; stretching and shrinking. When using the English wheel, the process happens within arm’s reach – the form is determined between the capacities of the machine and my body. This becomes a metaphor for making architecture – creating an architectural body with my own body. The making process involves slowness, patience, physical tension and haste. Bending, stretching and cutting then have a figurative and metaphorical appearance in the architectural work. Relationships in space and time cut through, lap over and stretch each other.

I propose a school for trespassing in Coombefield Quarry, Portland. Studies undertaken relate to land access (botany, horticulture and ornithology) but at a deeper level the school acts as a testing ground to rehearse trespassing, learning how to practically overcome boundaries. Built in cast concrete and explosion formed steel/ aluminium on site, parts of the building are moveable allowing it to change its affiliations, and the entire construction acts as trespass apparatus.

Fluid Anatomy

Creating architecture directly within arms’ reach. When wheeling the form is determined between the capacities of the machine and my body. The proposed school or trespassers connects these disciplines in the directness of experience, bringing sites of denial within reach. The moveable armature permits the rehearsal of transgressing boundaries.

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