perpetual looking machine

a space exploded, exploited, to wear the robes of a different fiction

the project permits its own reoccupation by new fictions

the idea of inhabiting the project in a conventional sense with conventional figures is abandoned in favor of the suggestion of spaces, places, beings beyond the scope of the camera

gravity and enclosure lose their relevance in such a place

the possibility to shift between fictions is prioritized, becomes palpable

how can a certain construction, held at a specific angle, lit by a refined sort of light, radiate a kind of energy, vibrate, and power its own image

how do we extract the valence of a piece of architecture and distill it for consumption

what excesses does the image provide

can it power its own image – can it be a physical manifestation of a mythical narcissus

the perpetual looking machine is architecture powering its own image

and it’s an attempt at understanding how a fiction can proliferate other fictions, and genres proliferate other genres

this project draws a kind of energy, not electricity, but something else, to power itself, to expose itself

it extracts this energy from the site, and begets new fictions which have their place in the so-called “real world”

this extracted something begets its own means of transmission and consumption and inhabits a place between reality and fiction

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