Satellite House 

This project is an architectural exploration of spatial connections between physically disconnected fragments (satellite structures) which are bound by a conceptual framework, lines of sight and methods of communication. Sited on the east coast of the Isle of Portland in a landscape moulded by nature and man, Satellite House is a two-studio residency for artists/ researchers to live and work, providing shared spaces and accommodation. 

The research focuses on how the sense/ presence of a physical object might manifest as scattered ambiguous fragments and illegible elements which are ultimately part of one idea that comprises the architectural scheme. The approach to design is determined by the spatial and material qualities unique to the site and melds them into an architectural proposal which deals with light, projections and openings.  

An interest in the horizontal surface develops into a language of strategically shifting planes and spaces built around table tops. Layering and overlapping geological surfaces start to build up the satellites. Photographic media (camera and camera-less) is utilised to capture and communicate the ambiguous and complex realm of their presences. 

Wedged Study section

Light leaks through the corners and edges where the junction between floor and wall is interrupted. Pieces of the satellite find themselves exported into the site to perform new functions. 

East Study section

A stepping of geological surfaces leads to a panoramic veranda where the line of sight passes through. 

Mediator and Dining/Living Satellites 

Two intersecting volumes, the interruption made palpable through architectural articulation. The entryway volume slides its geological floor plate and rood in between the dining’s, disrupting its lines and projecting surfaces in the landscape. 

Projecting presence 

A stream of light ushered by the door opening of the Wedged Study announces its presence on the quarried rock face. 

Developed surface drawing 

Skiastat device ghost impressions explore notions of presence. Cyanotype prints from Light Thieves, Shadow Bandits research. 

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