‘An Active Ground’ 

As part of the U25 research objectives- this project is questioning alternative approaches to the architectural adaptation and disappearance through the ecological, geological and seasonal shifts. 

The project is a commentary on changing weather patterns, and its latent effects on the ecologies around Seven Sisters Country Park. The programme of the project is a boat yard that contextually ‘sits’ in the marshes just off the Cuckmere Lake. The project questions the changing climate and ecologies that are colliding, and coexisting within a place where weather and interior climate are tightly controlled by its user. 

The user is someone who engages with objects, artefacts, and sensations and develops a representational methodology that focuses on the structural body and its relationship to the user and object within the boat yard. Whiles the exterior is controlled by the weather conditions of the changing seasons. States of disfigurement between exterior and interior form will allow the boat yard to express a sense of self, neutralising architectural attitude. As an example, what if an exterior structure collides and is on a verge of collapsing? In this instance that would alter the levels of resolution and opacity of the structure and reconfiguring the understanding of proximity, form, and interior itself. 

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