The Sweep, The Cut and The Lay Up 

Sweeping a wide graphite block across a blank page is a 2-dimensional act, yet the resulting image seems to contain 3-dimesional data. The proceeding studies attempt to decipher this seemingly 3-dimensional information using architectural drawing conventions, and further use this drawing technique as a set of manufacturing instructions for stone cutting. The straight edge of the drawing tool, has ramifications in the forms that are drawn – they are developable, singularly-curved ribbons which lend themselves to being made in certain ways.  

Beyond this the project is rigorous, yet-incomplete, research into the consequences of precisely splitting a stone. Stone has a re-surging popularity in architecture today for its environmental credentials, this projects looks to expand upon its future use and demonstrate it as an even more dexterous material.  

Deciphering the Sweep 

The Sweep’s 3-dimensional sense is extracted using the drawing conventions of 2-point perspective, albeit in reverse. In doing this, an alternative analogue process of developing a curved architecture is experimented with. 

Perspective Drawings of Sweep Resolved onto the Plan 

The building is designed through a series of perspectives, whereby a sweep is drawn in response to a proxy-version of the building. Through using the horizon and vanishing points from each view, it is then possible to project it’s plan view onto the architectural plan.  

Stone Wire Cutting

A scaled demonstration of how robotically-controlled sculptural quarrying could take place on site using the sweeps as the manufacturing instructions.  

Split Stone

Two singularly curved forms from one block with minimal waste. Both sides of the cut are controlled and can be used within the architecture showing maximum ‘yield’ from the stone stock. 

Stone Footing

Stone cannot perform all roles in a building. The stone has been scribed onto a timber post creating an alternative to all steel/concrete footings.  

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