Between the Grains and Gaps – An Object-led Conditions Forecaster 

Enabling the perception and prediction of the near and far, through the inspection of strayed objects gifted to the reconfigurable littoral site by the tide, the programme operates within the realm of a ‘lost and found’, but with projective capacity. As a conditions forecaster, the projects seeks to explore how object relations can orchestrate a programme, as well as the architecture being an active agent in deriving and making sense of their embodied narratives. How can an architecture be both witness to and integral in mapping deviation of both physical matter and matters that are causally linked to the dislodged artefacts. 

Erasure and displacement are used as a tool to turn findings into predictions through negotiating edge-conditions. The project wrestles with evidence of cause and effect and asks in what way can we exfoliate these finds to extrapolate knowledge of their situational and relational specificities? The practice is akin to that of a dentist and the working methodology is analogous to the study of teeth – what stories do worn down teeth tell and how is each generation tuned, learning from evidence of habits from the previous tooth as a form of projection? 

Between the Grains and Gaps of Garnet 

Erosion and reconfiguration is simulated and mapped onto the model through the displacement of fine matter [garnet] when sandblasting. The garnet signifies patterns of erosion by frosting what it touches.    

Survey Shuttle Scope: Plan 

Investigation into opacities and edge-conditions which negotiate the relational properties of found objects. 

Situation Station

Lost objects are gifted to the observatory and their narratives are extrapolated from fragments and used to assemble contextual and situational specificities, garnering object-led knowledge.  

Simulating Erosion  

1.200 jesmonite, steel and garnet model sat within the sandblaster. The garnet simulates tidal reconfiguration and erosion and maps littoral behaviour.  

Interfaces Between Spaces: From Bathroom to Object Collection  

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