I long to escape from the city. To escape from the sensations of being in a city. The crowded streets, the dense polluted air, heavy artificial materials, jarring noises and harsh lighting. The controlled egotistical nature of a city that makes me feel unsettled.

When I escape, I imagine myself in nature. The sense of feeling small, absorbed in a landscape or a forest, comparing myself to something that is immeasurably large is calming. I see my place and connection in the world and am in awe of the sublimity of nature.


My project questions if architecture can be more like this feeling, and how it can project these effects. It examines what these qualities are, influenced by the symbiotic capacity of glass, utilising drawing and photography. It then breeds this research to create a naturalised language that both informs the character and effect of the design, a community center in Bermondsey.

This research challenges the fundamental purpose of architecture as a barrier between me and the natural world. An invented barrier, representing qualities and character of the natural world, evokes a symbiotic connection to matter, to the Earth and to the sublime forces of naturisms.

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