Two hour bedroom wall sun tracing [06:40 – 08:39, 02/10/17] [420 x 594mm]

The project began with an interest into an unseen expanse of temporary happenings in space and time through the iterative creation of a drawing process that revealed this 4-dimensionality.

The first drawing was made from tracing the sunny spots projected from the rising Sun over a three hour period. As the Sun persisted in arching across the sky, the shadow was traced manually whilst it moved, creating a drawing that was skewed in time and space and thus allowing the observer of the drawing to see multiple temporalities at once.

A series of small experiments were subsequently executed exploring changes to different media through time, yielding mostly 2-dimensional drawings. The experiments and drawings helped me unravel and chase the complexities of the first drawing whilst also posing questions of their own.


Aerial view of rail fitted with camera and flash


Experiment setup. Representational sculptor’s studio at the centre of rail


Four-dimensional drawing of sculptor’s studio changes, three hours


When studying the site (Serial 20, a Ministry of Defence simulation village) an interest into reality and representation was struck. The project began to use these processes to explore and design a house for conflict from the perspective of a soldier moving through a real domestic setting. As the project advanced another conflict was brought in, that of a more social conflict, that of arguments at a dinner table.


Hythe Ranges Military Traingin village, Kent
Site: Serial 20, Hythe Rifle Ranges, Kent. Photo credit: Jason Hawkes


There are now two guests who explore the house, one is a soldier conducting a house raid, where the building is an extension of Serial 20, and one is a dinner guest invited by the owner of the house. Using the drawing process and a manufactured drawing piece the building was designed experientially from the perspective of both invited parties and drawings were made as the relative observer moved through the building.


The projected light shows the view of the dinner guest returning to the dining table, making eye contact with the host in the mirror. The drawing piece records the movements in the background from the shadows cast by the foreground components


View of building test model with projected light and drawing piece


Detail of site model [1:35] with building model in the distance
Full setup


Drawing process in action: the guest [torch] sits at the dining table whilst the drawing piece records the movements
Building test model close up. Maid in foreground stood in corridor to dining room


The guest approaches whilst the host watches from her reading desk, allowing herself to be seen. We see the guest in the mirror, the light on the host (telling us she has been spotted) and the shadow she makes on the picture plane in the background


The maid opens the door with her right hand [half open/shut pulled into her shoulder] and unexpectedly shakes with her left
D003 Dinner Guest
Dinner guest entrance drawing. [841x594mm]
D004 Soldier
Soldier entrance drawing. The two guests [Soldier & Dinner Guest] take the exact same route in these drawings and is remarkable how differently they see the building. Remembering that orange lines are hidden elements, the soldier has an almost untouched centre field of view [841x594mm]
The soldier bursts through the front door while the host runs to the dining room. The red light tells us that she is hidden. A target in the neighboring corridor is spotted through a hole in the wall


The host runs for the dining room. Red light indicates she is safe except for a slight glance on her dress’ ribbon


E001 Dinner Guest
View of the dinner guest in the dining room, leaving to the toilet and returning to the table


The dinner guest returns through an unveiled door to the dinner table. The light on the host’s face tells us the guest can see her via a mirror, thus the host can see the guest. The guest is caught peeking into the master the bedroom, sat next to the embarrassment of being seen leaving the toilet


The same scene as before showing the host’s reflection in the mirror


Model generated dinner guest plan-view choreography. Darker moments show where the host is most viewed by her guest


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